Tuesday, September 9, 2008

O Man...

... had such a great day going today. Grandma Lulu is in town so the girls got to wake up and see her (always a bonus). We all took NeeNee to school at 8:30. We got home, had a bit more breakfast, coffee, newspaper browsing, etc. Grandma and Avery walked to the park and with my 2.5 free hours I managed to tackle several unfinished projects in addition to some general clean-up that was sorely needed. 

Geneva's departure from school at 12:30 went more smoothly than it had last week (less fussing about having to go home--yea). The girls went down without too much complaining and they both actually SLEPT! Avery had her best nap in weeks (over three hours). During nap-time, my motivation continued. I made progress on Avery's room (pictures coming soon), got some painting finished that I started (like 4 months ago!), spent some time caring for my plants, and folded a monster pile of laundry that's been taunting me and growing like it's on steroids for the last few days. I even had plenty of time to surf the web, catch up on my blog reading, and make and eat a great salad.

Post-nap we had a little time to play and be silly before it was time to hit the gym. Grandma decided to keep Avery home with her for some one-on-one which was nice for Geneva and I too. I had a great workout (I always feel great when I make it through that class). NeeNee and I got home at 6:45pm. She complained about a stomach ache on the way home. She was vomiting all over me and the kitchen sink by 7. Without a fever, we weren't sure what was going on. She went to bed on time at 8pm. 

It's 11pm now. She has thrown up 6 times. We are on our second round of laundered sheets and have moved the spare twin mattress onto her bedroom floor. She is obviously "empty" at this point; however, the bile continues. Through it all she has not shed a single tear. She stays so calm and sweet. The frightening thing is that the last two times she's vomited, she hasn't really woken up enough to roll over off of her back... It's going to be a sleepless night for some of the Joneses.

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  1. Poor munchie and family. So sorry she's so sick--hope she's feeling better today and hope everyone gets a good night's rest. Thinking of you! xoxo Joanna