Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall = Scarves

It's a good thing we're coming into fall up here in the northwest--I'm even more into scarves than I've been in the past. 
My latest crafty experiment has been "pieced" together from a few different ideas I've seen done. The great thing about this project is that you don't even have to sew a very straight line to make it turn out cute! 
Most of the idea came from this online article. However, I had to make adjustments based on the neckties my husband would donate to the cause and the ones I was able to find at the secondhand store to coordinate (in the 10 minutes Avery let me look).

I invested in a rotary cutter and small cutting mat, then began deconstructing the four neckties with my new seam ripper according to the instructions in the aforementioned article. Because I had only four coordinating fabrics to work with, it was necessary to use smaller "scraps" to piece together my scarf.

Without worrying about a pattern, I began sewing my pieces together in a somewhat straight line until I had a piece long enough to call a scarf. Note from the picture below, that it didn't matter if some of my scrapped panels were longer than others--as long as they were at least 7 inches wide through the "middle" part of the scarf.
It took a bit of ironing to coax my edges into laying flat. 
Before I modified the original instructions by adding a nice soft, warm backing of black fleece, I cut the extra-long edges off to more closely "match" the 7 inches I was going for. I also trimmed again before pulling the scarf "right-side-out."

Oh, I also added a little felt applique of the bird pattern I made before. I used a little button for his eye and modified the tail feathers. It's hard to see from this picture, but the colors actually do compliment the overall aesthetic of the scarf.

Obviously, getting in the time to do a project like this means other things are sacrificed. Take a look at the playroom behind the "craft table" where I set up the sewing machine. My girls clearly kept themselves well entertained while mommy did her sewing!

Stay tuned for pictures of the scarf-present giveaway!

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  1. Love it! You are so crafty these days. Looks super cute. I also loved the little set you made for little Elijah!!!

  2. oh those rotary cutting mats are pricey aren't they? My large one is slowly breaking in half :(