Monday, October 27, 2008

Send Your Happy Thoughts to The Pipes

Avery is having a minor procedure tomorrow morning at Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital in Portland. If you've been reading our blog regularly, you are probably aware that our little Monkey has a tendency to get Croup. We took her to the pediatric ENT a couple weeks ago. He wants to have a better look in her throat to see if there are any abnormalities that might be contributing to her developing Croup at such a high rate.

They will have to put her under in order to do the procedure. I was on the phone with the anesthesiologist earlier this evening which gave me some measure of peace about the prospect of handing over my baby under these circumstances. The procedure should take about 45 minutes. Greg is dropping Geneva off at preschool early and meeting us at the hospital before Avery goes in. According to the timeline we've been given, we should be finished and on our way home in time to pick Geneva up from school on time at 12:30pm. 

I know she'll be fine. I hope that her procedure provides some answers and a simple plan that will give our Pipes some relief from the Croup that racks her tiny body from time-to-time. With winter quickly approaching, it will be nice to go into the season with the hope that our trips to Urgent Care and the Emergency Room might be lessening. 

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