Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Festivities

We started our weekend with a little Halloween Party at the Club. I knew there would be tons of kids and running around, so rather than dress Piper in her actual costume (furry and warm for trick-o-treating) I put the little monkey in yet another hand-me-down: Geneva's costume from last year.

We "pre-partied" (heehee) at our neighbor's house. A handful of the families on our street that also go to Club Sport attended. We ordered pizza and the kids ran around and had a ball. Here's Geneva  in an intense game of CandyLand with Sydney and Izzy.
(Note she is wearing one of her dress-up outfits: mermaid... because her actual costume of choice this year is not ready yet.)

When we arrived at the Club for the big shindig (so much fun for the grown-ups and the kids) it did not take Avery long to find the music. The dance floor was swarming with kids and the music was blaring. Here she is in the MIDDLE of the dance floor with a couple "big kids" mimicking their moves and getting DOWN. Several strangers commented about how well she moved and how entertaining she was... too funny!

Here's Geneva on the dance floor... 
Well how do you think a mermaid dances???

Avery also enjoyed her time in the area designed for Cutie Pies just her size. She must have run this "maze" 50 times before I could talk her into trying something else. Actually, I only coaxed her away by promising we would find the cookie stand next.

It was a great night. 
We were exhausted.
The kiddos slept great!

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