Thursday, October 23, 2008

M.A.C. Preschool Open House

Geneva's school had an Open House last night.
We got to meet a lot of her classmates' families and check out all the projects they've been working on.

Sissy Piper got to play with all kinds of great things.
She had a ton of fun (even though Mommy mistakenly brought her without any shoes--yep, I'm that Mom).

This is Geneva at her favorite school activity: painting.
She's working on a spooky bat with nice thick paint.

Avery enjoyed the Halloween-themed play-doh.
(Note to self: Learn to make homemade play-doh... it smells so much better!)

Daddy met us there after he got off work.
We all had so much fun.

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1 comment :

  1. eh, shoes shmoos, who needs 'em?
    We have that same Gymbo outfit Geneva is wearing..I love the pink/red apple thing goin on in that line