Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

  • The relief of having a healthy baby (I can still call her that because technically, she's just one). And the notion of gratitude over that fact that my baby only suffers from croup for brief moments in an otherwise strong and happy existence.
  • Solving problems. Geneva and Avery's favorite thing right now is a new show on Disney called "Imagination Movers." For Halloween, Geneva decided she would like to be a mover... I thought, "easy enough." Unfortunately, it was not so. The costumes are sold out until May! And go ahead and try to find a coverall pattern to fit a three-year old! I finally came across this costume online and ordered it (in the only size available--WAY too big) which arrived just in time. A few hours split between the craft store, my sewing machine, and a good ol' needle and thread, I have a pint-sized costume just in time for Halloween!

  • Living in a community that decorates the public road/bridge (tiny, two-lane, country-setting--I promise a picture next time) with a dozen jack-o-lanterns. Seriously, it started a few days ago with 6 jack-o-lanterns lining the concrete rail along either side of the bridge over the Tualatin River here in West Linn. Each day someone adds another few jack-o-lanterns--and now we're up to twelve. Someone has lit them with a fresh candle every evening this week. Amazing.
  • Children enjoying sweets. Thank you Auntie Jessica for bringing cupcake surprises for the Jones Girls!

  • Soup.
  • Finding my knitting needles and reminding myself how to knit.
  • Fall.
  • The last dry day in Oregon?
  • Geneva's curly ponytails.

  • The hope that our country will choose the right leader on Tuesday to restore America to a place I want my children to grow up in.
  • The prospect of sisters holding hands and trick-o-treating door-to-door.
  • Avery in a hat.

  • The "still" of my house when my children are sleeping.
  • The chaos of my house when my children are awake.
  • My new flannel sheets... (cocoon-like, so cozy!)

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  1. Love the Imagination movers outfit! Super awesome!

  2. YAY, it's TILT day! great job on the costume!