Saturday, January 24, 2009


Someone you know has never had a haircut... Granted, she didn't even have hair until she was nearly 2! It has been growing and is incredibly long when it's wet (like down to her shoulder blades). The "problem" with it is illustrated pretty well in this picture:

It's been growing unevenly. The hair on the crown is much longer than the hair at the nape of her neck. The sides are longer than the center. It's basically a big curly mop of a "mess" that I LOVE!
However, it was time. So my big-girl saddled up for her FIRST haircut on Wednesday.

My fabulous neighbor (I know what you're thinking... "Which one??? You have sooo many fabulous neighbors!") Michelle told me about the salon she takes Sweet Abby to: Sit Still Salon just around the corner... 
NeeNee chose the pink cadillac and the adventure began.
Obviously, I was nervous... curly hair is tricky. We had invested three and a half years into these curls... we just mastered the pig-tail look... Geneva has been known to remark, "Mom, everyone loves my curls" on more than one occasion... These curls are part of her identity.
I could not have been more pleased with the outcome:

My sweet girl has the most precious curly "bob" you have ever seen!!! 
(Yes, I do say so myself!)
Everything is "uniform" and cleaned up. Her curls are really showcased now--especially because I got suckered into the mousse ("That's a weird name Mom... like reindeer...").

Note: This has added a good 10 minutes to our morning routine (which honestly never before included a brush) with the water spray-down, mousse application, brush-through, and scrunching/finger curling... but it's worth it!

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  1. from the mother of one curly haired kid to another...a good cut makes ALL the difference!

  2. Super cute... I'm sad to report that Audrey's ringlets have been missing for the last 6 months. Not sure what happened, maybe they'll return if we cut her hair?

  3. I miss Kainoa's curls. His are just like hers, but he does not like his curlies... I so need a girl. She looks adorable, as usual.