Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The "F Word"

Yep, you know the one... I am guilty of using this word much too often. I know, I know, I'm a total Potty Mouth (ask any of my friends--in fact, you don't even have to ask my friends; ask anyone who knows me even socially and I'm sure they'll report that they've heard some profanity fall from my lips). 

To my credit, I hardly ever say my "bad words" in front of the kids. Of course, there are slip-ups. And then there are consequences. For example, about 3 months ago Geneva and Avery were playing together at the kitchen table. Geneva's crayon rolled off the table and fell to the floor. "Shit," she said in exactly the correct tone to express this little annoyance. Avery went right on coloring and after retrieving hers from the floor, Geneva continued with her artwork as well. I kept my mouth shut. I haven't heard anything else along those lines from her since**. 

I do acknowledge that I need to clean up my language. In an attempt to do so, I figure I need some good substitutes for my expletives and I should start with the "big dog." So, here we are back to the "F Word." As it turns out, Avery Piper has accidentally come up with one for me. I think you should try it too...

Her word is "foop" (sounds like "poop" with an "f"). 

She sometimes uses it as a substitution for something falling. For example, when she drops her unwanted food off the tray-table on her highchair, "Uh-oh... carrot foop" (all innocence and solemnity--fake). When her blankie falls from her lap in the car-seat, "Momma! Blankie foop!"

However, she also uses her new word all the time in much the same way I use my word (sounds like "duck" with an "f"). For example, If something falls off the table, Avery says, "Foop!" When her shoe falls off, "Foop." Or, like the instance below, when she drips syrup on her naked chest at breakfast-time:

**(That's me knocking on wood.)

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  1. We use what I like to call Viganese. As in from Jerry Vignato. And it's bad words or words you dont want people to know you are saying even when you are in front of them.
    as in..
    'Cuff' that.
    Full of 'tish'
    gotta take a 'ssip'
    not EXACTLY backwards, but enough to get your point across and to satisfy the urge.
    I'm telling you, it's a whole language.