Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

  • ...that my children think Graham Crackers are a "treat."
  • Blue skies in January.
  • The amazing "box of delight" Betsy Armstrong just sent the girls (a future post on that very soon).
  • Artistic concentration:

  • Anticipating six whole days of grown-up vacation with Greg in warm, sunny Cancun.
  • Hearing how much my friends are enjoying the Twilight series as well.
  • Slides:

  • A&E's Intervention. You got me hooked, Staci Bills!!!
  • The knowledge that I will be relaxing with some of my great friends next week.
  • Greg teaching Geneva how to swing:

  • Listening to Geneva sing songs I've never heard before that she's learned at school.
  • Watching Avery dance to the songs that Geneva sings.
  • Naked tooshies in the tub:

  • Snow, freezing fog, sunshine, and rain all in one week!
  • Looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with our neighborhood.
  • Sisterly encouragement: 

  • Hearing about the great ways my family and friends are responding to the call to become more involved in taking specific action to change our country/world for the better.  I'm so happy to feel like we're making a difference together. Be the Change!
  • Naptime.
  • When Geneva asks her Daddy to "marry her."

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