Thursday, January 8, 2009

OUR Birthday

My birthday began very sweetly. I woke up to kisses goodbye from my lovely hubby, dozed another 20 minutes and then rolled over onto my birthday card (best card ever). After reading it I reached for the phone to call him. Geneva woke up and came in the bedroom, saw the phone in my hand and wanted to tell Daddy "good morning." I could see in her face the moment he reminded her it was my birthday. Her eyes lit up and she said, "Happy birthday Momma!" while throwing her arms around me.
We headed downstairs to have our breakfast/coffee and get ready for school.
While I was curled up on the couch with my coffee she asked if I would go upstairs to the bonus room with her to find a book. (We have about 100 books downstairs--but I smiled and went along.) She dug around for about a minute and then exclaimed, "Here it is! The perfect book!" and handed me this:

In case you're not familiar... it's actually Five Little Monkeys bake a birthday cake for Momma. I know, she's amazing. I haven't even SEEN that book in about 3 months. On our way downstairs we heard Piper waking up. Geneva burst into her room and shouted, "Happy birthday Skooky Minookie!" (which is what she often calls her sister). The three of us trotted to the couch to read the book. Then it was time to take Geneva to school. 

Avery and I spent the morning at the gym. They gave her this sticker and she was happy to wear it all day on our errands. When you ask her how old she is she holds up one finger and says, "TWO!"

Look out! Momma got new chefs' knives!

The birthday girls.
Tammy 35; Avery Piper 2

We invited the neighborhood over to help us sing, eat cake and ice-cream, and sip champagne in celebration.
(Yep, store-bought this year.)

Here's the littlest birthday girl supervising the candle-lighting.
(We skipped the candles on my carrot cake because there comes a point when you you just run out of room!)

This is her first bite of birthday cake...

... and here's the chocolate hitting her taste buds!

Geneva was genuinely excited for Avery and I to have our special day. However, she was challenged in letting Sissy open up her presents all by herself. She was challenged in letting Sissy play with her toys a little bit first. And at bedtime, when I was tucking her in, she quietly admitted, "It's hard when it's someone else's birthday."

Everyone always tells me how much Avery looks like me (I love that). In this photo, she REALLY looks like me:

The Birthday Girls

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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  1. I love this~ I know I already wished you Happy Birthday... but I loved this posting : ) So, Happy Birthday to both of my girls! I am glad you had such a lovely day and you get to share it with your little Piper!


  2. I love reading your blog Tammy, you're too funny. :) But it makes me miss you guys so much! Wish we were there to participate in all things Jones. Have a great night and keep blogging on!