Tuesday, January 27, 2009

McGough Visit

Avery "Moose" Jones - 1 day old
Madelyn "Teensers" McGough - 3 weeks old

We had the pleasure of hosting Janelle and Madelyn McGough for a weekend this month.
It was so much fun for Janelle and I to have some time to catch up and it was amazing to have all the girls together.

We watched TinkerBell and enjoyed popcorn,

practiced doing our pee-pees together,

had bath time,

enjoyed a chilling afternoon at the park,

and even made it to the zoo (though it was too chilly to pose outside and all the animals were hiding in their warm barns--lunch in the cafe was nice).

I also put together this video that I think "captures" how quickly the time passes with kids...

We look forward to another visit this summer from the entire McGough clan!

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