Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great Friends; Good Times (Part I)

The Bills Family arrived last weekend and we had a great visit!
Geneva practically crawled in the car with Natalie instead of letting her get out... It was the beginning of serious giggling, slumber parties, sand struggles, spontaneous hand-holding, and lots and lots of fun!

No one could believe how big "Baby Norah" had gotten since the last time we saw her! She certainly did her best to keep up with the big girls and Piper was amazing as she bridged the gap between the two bigger girls and Norah. Piper and Natalie bonded and Piper and Norah bonded too. It was so great to see the relationships develop!

We started the visit with a quick drink and a wind-down session in the backyard where our latest and greatest discovery has been our new "Crunchy Green Beans."

Natalie was definitely onboard!

... Not so much!

No worries Little Miss!
We have a lot more fun in store for our shared vacation!

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