Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Many Teeth... ? (Part II)

Do the Carnies in West Linn have?

Turns out, not many more than the Carnies anywhere else... except that the Carnival is so much smaller here--the total number of teeth is far less than at other locations.
It's nice to know there are some constants in life to be counted on.
Guess who wanted to do the Super Slide "all by herself" this year?

That's right! Geneva "Big Girl" Jones!

After tackling the roller coaster at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with their Papa Clyde, Geneva and Piper both felt confident that they could do the Carni-Coaster as well.
Natalie came along for the ride and we ran into some of the big-girls we know from the Friendship Farm (the girls' summer camp program) so I didn't even have to ride with Piper. In fact, given the choice, Piper would rather do just about anything with her girl Teal than with Momma!

The roller coaster was really fast and the guard bars were not especially tight...

But the girls had a great time! I think Papa's stories about riding coasters with your hands in the air had a lasting impression on Geneva!

Here's a very blurry super-close-up of the tiny rock star!

A little less exciting--but still really fun--was the cars.

Even Baby Norah was big enough to ride with her girl Pipes. This picture makes me think of Thelma and Louise (before the cliff scene, of course!). I love it!

Norah was having the time of her life!
However, when the ride stopped, I was certain that it had jerked to a halt causing her head to bump into the steering wheel. She was crying so hard and was soooo upset!

As it turns out, she was just pissed that the ride was over!
We shelled out more ride tickets and she got another "go-'round." Followed of course by more tears when it was over!

It was a lovely evening in our little town of West Linn and it did wonders to kick off our amazing vacation with our great friends!

Up next: The Beach!!!

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