Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

  • How well my Monkeygirls did on our road trip to California last week. We did not sleep in the same place two nights in a row and they were so great about it!
  • Seeing my family in California--though I obviously wish it were under better circumstances.
  • This picture of Piper at her swim lesson:
  • This song and video from Peter Bjorn and John for their song, "Nothing to Worry About." (click here).
  • Twitter. It seriously got me through my drive and now I'm hooked (click here).
  • Watching my Monkeys dance, dance, dance at the West Linn Farmers' Market on Tuesday:
  • My car. We bought a 2005 Acura MDX right after the 2006 model hit the dealerships. Because the 2006 model had a new body style we got a screaming deal on my NEW 2005 model. I loved it then; I drive it everyday; and after our 10+ hour road trip (each way) I love it even more!
  • This picture of Geneva on the front porch at my grandpa's house in Santa Clara. I'm fairly sure I have a picture of myself at her age sitting in this folding chair (minus the big pillow). She's just woken up from a nap and is loving her new "Wolfie" that Nana gave her.
  • Getting back into the gym after having 9 days off and tons of bad-for-me food!
  • The amazing weather we've been having in Oregon. It's stunning here!
  • The complete un-catlike tolerance demonstrated by my sister Chrissy's cat. Unbelievable.
  • These little pins I stumbled upon online (click here).
  • The AMC series, Mad Men. My sister-in-law has been telling me about this show for over a year. I finally came across the first season On Demand (Comcast cable) and started watching. I'm totally hooked! I think the third season will air this Fall. It's unbelievably good!
  • This stepping stone that the girls and I made for Greg for Father's Day:
  • Watching my girls enjoy popsicles on a hot afternoon.
  • Thai Green Curry over Jasmine rice. 
  • Making my own Thai flavored rice by substituting some of the water with a can of lite coconut milk and grated fresh lemongrass to Jasmine rice before cooking.
  • Watching my veggies take shape:
  • The Kings of Leon song that's been playing a lot lately, "Use Somebody" (click here).
  • The fact that when I pointed out my first few grey hairs to Greg he said, "Beautiful."
  • The Friendship Farm. This is the little preschool/summer camp that Geneva did last year and that both girls get to enjoy this summer. They attend Monday and Wednesday mornings--leaving me with almost 4 hours of "free" time! Here they are before their first day:
  • The following exchange that occurred in the rest stop bathroom in southern Oregon on our way down to California. It should be noted that it was not the cleanest restroom (by a long-shot). After applying a sufficient amount of toilet-seat covers to the "throne," both Piper and I did our "business." Then it was Geneva's turn:
Me: Ok NeeNee. You're up.
G: I'm not going potty in there. It looks too mysterious.
  • When we took my dad to Santa Cruz to celebrate his birthday the girls went sans nap all day. It was a lot to ask. Near the end of our afternoon, we decided to get some calamari and clam chowder on the pier. Piper was really slowing down so we took turns carrying her. Within two minutes of landing on Papa's shoulder, she was drooling a puddle on his new sweatshirt and sawing logs in his ear. I think my dad was in heaven!
  • Watching my Monkeygirls splash in the surf with my dad:
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