Sunday, July 19, 2009

West Linn Old Time Fair Parade

We actually don't live in the town of Mayberry--but West Linn is pretty close.
(In fact, as I'm typing this post, my husband just called to say he'd been pulled over for failing to come to a complete stop at the stop sign down the street. The officer who stopped him is the same one who pulled us over in September for having outdated registration. In neither case, did Greg get a citation. Instead, he got some friendly advice about where to register his car the first time and this time, some tips on where we should stop on our trip to the coast tomorrow.)
Yesterday we spent the morning downtown at the West Linn Old Time Fair Parade.
The girls got to ride in the float that their summer camp program put together.
Here is the Princess float--anyone in a tiara is impressive as far as Geneva is concerned.
Some of the dance troops were especially entertaining.
I was impressed by how elaborate some of the floats were, all of the families who turned out for the parade, and the enthusiasm of all of the children who caught candy instead of "beads" from the parade participants.
Here's the float the girls rode on with their camp friends.
The band that played in front of our favorite downtown eatery was very good. I wish I remembered what they were called (!).
Greg and I watched the parade with the "other Jones" family while we waited to see the girls pass by on their float. Here are Jeff and Lachie enjoying the festivities.
And here come the Jones Girls! Waving and singing and throwing candy to the crowds!
I loved the horses.
All in all, it was a terrific morning. We were home in time for lunch and naps. Afterward, we welcomed the Bills Family for our summer vacation to the coast (and golf tournament for the boys). More to come on that note...

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  1. so fun for them!
    I have found that being in a parade is one of the things the kids hate to leave behind as they grow up. My niece and daughter (both 13) talked their way into being on Nina's karate float this year. They dont know squat about karate.

    Have a great trip to the coast. I don't want to read any stories about trying to dive off a steep cliff in a storm thinking that some dude named Ed is going to save you.