Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Going "Buggy" with Ideas!

I know you will not believe it; but it's true!
My little big girl is turning 4 on Saturday!
I swear sometimes it feels like I just squeezed that little Monkeygirl out the other day... And here it's been four years. Wow. All the cliches are true.

Now I am planning her 4th birthday party. She wants a "Bug Party." I made the invitations and sent them out a few weeks ago. We are expecting 12 kids between the ages of 24-months (youngest siblings of a friend on her guest list) and 8 years (oldest girl on our street--who my daughter idolizes). In any event, I've been struggling to plan a party that might be entertaining for children within that age span.

So far, the menu includes:
Butterfly and Flower shaped PB&J Sandwiches
Ants on a Log (celery, peanut butter, raisins)
Caterpillar Fruit Sticks (melon-balled fruit and grapes on a wooden skewers)
Lady Bug Pizza (pepperoni and black olives)
Bug Juice (lemonade, green food coloring, frozen berries)
Cup 'O Dirt (clear cup, chocolate pudding, gummi worms, oreo cookie crumbs)
Flower and Ladybug Cupcakes

As for games and activities, I have a lot of ideas I'm considering. I want the children to play some games, but it's tricky with little ones, as no one at that age enjoys "not winning." 
Spider Hats (instead of birthday hats, I've lifted this project from my daughter's preschool Halloween activity: black construction paper, plastic eyes)
Pin the Bug on the Flower (no donkey--and the kids get to decorate their paper bug cut-out as a project before we start the game)
Squash That Bug (blown up balloons with plastic bugs inside--children sit on the balloons and pop/collect as many bugs as possible) 
Water Bug Balloon Toss (green balloons decorated like bugs)
Face Painting (butterflies, bees, worms--keeping it simple here folks!)
Decorate Your Bug House (As a party favor, I bought clear plastic containers with lids I've poked holes in. We will have stickers, paint pens, glitter (?), and bug cutouts for the kids to decorate the outside of their "bug houses."
Bug Hunt (Plastic bugs scattered throughout the yard--the kids can use their freshly decorated bug houses to collect the bugs. Afterward they can trade with one another and take home whatever they've found.) 

Of course, I would love any feedback, ideas, suggested modifications to what I've listed above... HELP!!!
I will post the "results" sometime after Saturday!

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  1. I don't have any game ideas off hand, but I do have one that will "elevate" your cupcakes...

    Make your cupcakes as planned, but also purchase some lollipop sticks (long, white - restaurant supply *should* have them). Insert in the cupcake and secure the bottom with a gumdrop (gum drop at the base of the cupcake to hold up both parts). Voila! Cupcakes on a stick - cute to place in a vase of some kind as a centerpiece.

    Good luck - Sounds Fab!!! And knowing you Ms. Tam, it will be sublime :)

  2. Pin the spots on the ladybug worked great at my nieces' Ladybug Picnic...