Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting Crafty | Holiday Wrapping + Gift Tags

:: Reindeer Birdies with Paper Scraps ::
I saw these sweet little tags on Pinterest a couple months ago and knew I wanted to make something similar. I love that they're little birdies sort of dressed up like reindeer! The originals were made from fabric scraps. Being the paper-person I am, I immediately went to my scrap box and recreated the idea using patterned paper. 

I made a couple templates of varying sizes to trace and affixed my "jelly bean" bodies to larger kraft and green card stock. Then traced the edges with a felt-tipped marker and added legs, beaks, eyes, and antlers. A hole punch and kitchen twine finished them off.

A couple little scraps called out to be regular reindeer. On these, I added brown-colored brad noses or eyes.

My little monkeygirls made some too! I LOVE their creations.

If you like the Birdie Reindeer tags better with fabric and don't want to make them yourself, this person is selling them on Etsy.

:: B&W Photo Tags ::
I saw the idea for photo tags on Pinterest too. I hadn't intended to use the idea this year for Christmas; however, I printed several sheets of 2.5" x 2.5" black and white photos for another project I'm working on and this first sheet came out too dark. I couldn't bear to throw them out--so I hung onto them and I'm so glad I did! 

:: Four Things ::
Something you NEED
Something you WANT
Something to READ
Something to WEAR
The idea for these gift tags is credited to the post How We do Christmas in our Family from Emily at Jones Design Company blog. The idea is for Greg and I to limit the number of gifts we give the monkeygirls (and one another) to a much more reasonable pile. 

(Emily offers free printables for gift tags and a Christmas List delegated by these four categories over on her blog. I created my own tags in the colors I wanted and you can print them HERE. They are designed to fit onto business card sheets--which I often use for gift tags--but plain paper or card stock will work just as well.)

The girls loved the idea of 4 specific kinds of gifts and we talked at length about having a "smaller" Christmas so we could adopt another family in our area to "give" Christmas to this year.  Honestly, the hardest part has been limiting MYSELF to purchasing just the four gifts. (See above? I snuck two items under that tag!) Like Emily, I should also admit that the kids will receive more than four gifts. Already, gifts from family scattered across the country are festively crowding up under the limbs of our tree.
For more wrapping inspiration, visit my Pinterest Board: GIVING.

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