Tuesday, December 3, 2013

(Near) The Queen City | Crowders Mountain (Kings Pinnacle)

About one month ago, the family had a terrific adventure "hiking" around Crowders Mountain State Park just outside of Charlotte. We spent a great morning in nature but left MUCH of the park unexplored. Recently, I had the pleasure of returning to Crowders Mountain and conquering Kings Pinnacle with my friend Chantal. 
After checking in at the Visitor Center, we left under the impression that it would take about 40 minutes to reach the summit. Approximately 90 minutes later, we crested the bluff and were treated to a breathtaking (though mist-filled) view.
Of course, Chantal remembered to pack refreshments not limited to bottled water and granola.
Just as I set the self-timer on my camera and scrambled to my place, another hiker and his dog came over the edge and startled us. We startled him right back, when without skipping a beat, Chantal announced, "We just got engaged!" I wish the camera was facing the other direction to catch his reaction. It was priceless!
Cheers to the adventure!

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