Monday, December 2, 2013

Home Transformation | Living Room

Before I get too busy showing you what's happening around here for the holidays, I suppose I ought to share with you how we transformed the living room from the butter yellow blah to the lighter, brighter gray.
Things have been a work-in-progress and I've been making adjustments, additions, and substitutions along the way. The rug and couches were the big decisions and once we settled on those, the rest of the room has been coming together pretty effortlessly. 
I was so excited when we found this vintage bar cart. The previous owners had painted it bright pink which was adorable--but didn't go with the living room. I also have big, crafty plans to replace the so sweet elephant print (that I ADORE--but again, it isn't quite right for the space). The Fiddle Leaf Fig is named, "Dennis Demitree Jones" and he is part of the family. That is, he will be for as long as he survives the overwatering he endured at the hands of our house sitter and the freeze he slept through recently on the back porch--where he was recovering from the overwatering. Good grief. For me, plants are harder to keep alive than animals!
The coffee table seemed perpetually messy and I never loved the set-up with this tray (above). I'm also addicted to coffee table books and found it hard to limit my pile to just a few. Because the size of the table is so significant, I decided to try bookends. I'm so happy with the way it turned out (below)! 
(You'll notice the little squirrel pillow I mentioned recently in a TILT post… I've replaced some of the bright spring/summer pillows with warmer, cozier ones for the season and the little squirrel pillow, in honor of my squirrely girlies, started it all.)
The mantle has been through many "versions." Its most recent variation includes an amazing cast iron deer bust. While the flowers, candles, and arrow will likely be replaced with stocking holders for the holidays, I think My Dear Deer will get a gold bow and fit in perfectly through December.

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  1. Love this transformation! You are very talented. Great eye for detail and color. I want to come visit!
    Happy holidays! :)

  2. Anytime, Mary Lou! We have plenty of space and I'd love the chance to catch up. ;)