Sunday, December 22, 2013

Not Exactly "Crafty" | Holiday Card Fun

We had a lot of fun with our holiday card this year and went a little "outside of the box." 
It all began like every other year: we hired a photographer and decided on a location for our family picture. Having just moved to a new house, we decided to have our pictures done in and around the yard. Our photographer took a TON of great shots (seriously worth every penny!) and here's the one we probably would have chosen if we hadn't gone a little crazy instead.
We were just wrapping up an hour long session, when coming across the backyard, our photographer noticed our semi-creepy, borderline-dangerous, exterior basement stairwell. 
"We should take a couple shots of you guys over there." 
[Me, looking confused.] 
She continued, "It can be your album cover if you ever decide to be a band." 
The monkeygirls in unison, "Awesome!"
The result? Awesome, indeed.
The girls didn't even plan or discuss that pose, they just marched down the steps and became fierce. 
Two weeks later, we received the disc with all our proofs and this was literally the second to the last shot of over 300. I called Greg over and he loved it immediately. Somewhere in my mind lurked the image of Vampire Weekend's Contra album.
I couldn't believe it when I found this card on Minted and wondered immediately if it would work with our stairwell picture.
It did! So we added the bit about "East Coast Tour" to help sell the idea of the band.
On the back we made a play with song titles, changing the names a little bit to have some fun and adding a sweet picture of the monkeygirls to demonstrate that we hadn't completely lost our minds.
Anyway, it was SUCH fun and we hope everyone enjoyed receiving it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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