Sunday, December 1, 2013

TREASURY | Feathers

Turkey Day is behind us but I still have feathers on the brain.
Here's a treasury of delightful feathers of all kinds.

I found these little beauties at a boutique here in Charlotte ($12)!
(similar, similar, similar)

I had to have this Lunares Gold Athena Feather Tray for a touch of gold in the living room bookcase.(similarsimilar)
I love this colorful wrapping paper! It's cool enough to frame.
Feathers Wrapping Paper
Check out this amazing DIY project from the Free People Blog for painting feathers. This would be a great rainy-day activity to enjoy with the kids. Attached to the end of a pen with some wound embroidery floss, the finished product would make sweet homemade gifts for them to give to their friends for the holidays.
Free People Blog & Tutorial
I found this great  feather candle at Tuesday Morning (another little feather-touch in my living room). 
I even picked up a second one to gift. Like most things at Tuesday Morning, if you don't snatch it up right away, odds are you're not going to come across it again. However, I did find the exact motif on a great little tray (below).

Loving this Feather Fly Bracelet. (similar, similar, similar)
Here's a simple (and terrific) idea: flower clippings, greenery, and feathers in a mason jar.
Sarah Scales Design Studio
In case you're still deciding whether or not you're into this whole "feather thing" with me, maybe try one on temporarily?
And of course, because I'm obsessed with feathers right now, I made several new sets of stationery featuring feathers and have listed them in the Etsy shop
These from below as well as this set, this one, this one, and these. And if you really love your recipient, you could choose THESE.
 photo sig_zpsac0a78f2.png

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  1. Love all the feathers Tam!! Such cute stuff ... Especially the trays and candle!! :). Cute cards my friend!!