Thursday, August 3, 2017

Christmas Eve-ish Feelings (and some thoughts about The Omni Grove Park Inn)

Today is the last full day that the girls are at camp. I spent the day checking little things off my to-do list, stocking the house with foods they like (including a box of "sugar" cereal *gasp*), and thinking about how amazing those hugs feel when we first see one another at pick up.

Two weeks isn't a very long time but I swear it feels like ages ago that we dropped them off and checked into the Grove Park Inn for a 2-night stay. The first day they were away was as tender as this last day has been. I relaxed, read my book, laid at the pool, and sent them postcards.

Asheville, North Carolina is a beautiful place. The Grove Park Inn, in particular, is a fantastic spot to just be quiet. The spaces are cavernous and yet they feel warm and intimate. Everything is stone, wood, expansive, and solid.
The view is breathtaking. The history is interesting. The service is excellent. There are several dining experiences. Dinner on the Sunset Terrace (or a drink from the patio) is not to be missed when the skies are clear. Edison is a gorgeous open-air restaurant with tables to accommodate any occasion. They have comfortable lounging areas and the food is as good as the view --nothing fussy or overdone --just delicious.
Time to tuck in for the night. I have an early departure in the morning and a bit of drive --but the smiles and hugs waiting on the other side will make it a breeze!

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