Tuesday, August 1, 2017

London Fog

We had a beautiful trip to Charleston last weekend: Amazing food (Husk, FIG, The Obstinate Daughter, and The Ordinary), relaxing mornings, a day at the beach, our kayak trip on Shem Creek, rooftop cocktails (before the thunderstorm), and a mini shopping spree during the Summer Sale at Club Monaco.

One delicious highlight was the London Latte that I ordered with breakfast at the Maison Café in our hotel. Their version of the drink included Earl Grey, Vanilla, and Lavender. I had never tried anything like it (though, I understand now that Starbucks makes a version without the lavender) and being a little nostalgic for our recent trip to London, I thought I would give it a go. It was delicious!

Before we left, I went back to the counter and asked the barista to see the tea bag (thinking I would order the blend for home). I was surprised to find out that it had only Earl Grey tea and that the vanilla and lavender flavors came from 4 pumps of syrup. Yikes! No wonder it was so good. The following morning, I went back to my usual: Americano + Splenda --but I couldn't stop thinking about The London.

Having just made Lavender Lemonade for G's birthday party, I had loose lavender buds at home. I picked up some Earl Grey and some sugar-free vanilla creamer and thought I would give a modified "guilt-free" recipe a try.
It's not quite AS delicious as the version at Maison; however, it is pretty lovely --so much so, that I'm going to pick up some decaffeinated Earl Grey so that evening sipping is also an option. Cheers!

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