Thursday, August 24, 2017

Things I Love Thursday // 8.24.17

  • Marte Frisne "Raquel Tassel Bangles" ~ I've been coveting one of these babies for quite some time but cannot justify the price (£165.00). Then, I found this one when Greg and I happened upon a Club Monaco sale in Charleston (I blogged about that last week). It's similar enough to make me exceedingly happy and for the price (on sale for $19.00), I can easily justify more than one color! I will say that my wrists are on the normal/small side and the cuff fits snugly. 
  • Eclipse-watching with these three ~ Charlotte enjoyed 98% totality. I considered making the normally short drive to Columbia to be in the path of totality; however, the news outlets had me worried about traffic and crowds. In the end, we watched from the lawn across the street with some neighbors and enjoyed the comfort of home. Admittedly, it did not get as dark as I thought it would, but the street lamps came on and the temperature dropped significantly. 
  • Listening to Piper play her guitar ~ After a couple years spend learning notes, chords, reading music, and working on her finger dexterity (and callouses), she's at a point where she can play the songs she likes with more and more fluidity. Hard work paying off!
  • This "Softspun Flutter Sleeve" shirt from GAP ~ I bought this shirt in white and I really love it. It's comfortable, it washes well (though, I do hang it to dry), and I think it's really flattering. Plus, it's on SALE and available in two other colors. The fabric is heavier than cotton and holds its shape really well. Paired with jeans and sandals, it makes an effortless, elevated "t-shirt and jeans" look --especially with the feminine sleeves. The bodice is cut to show that you do have a waist, yet the length and fit around the hips is just right. I ordered it in a small. 
  • The girls' increasing skill at baking ~ I have to say, it's pretty awesome to confidently delegate a couple dozen homemade cookies, some cupcakes, or even scones to these two and have them happily measure, mix, bake, and clean up afterward. 
    (Piper adds the flour to her face to really get into the task.)
  • Grandma's mixer ~ Sweeter even than the goodies they produce, is the fact that they put to use my grandmother's KitchenAid mixer in doing so. This one has a lot of miles on her. Aside from a slightly tricky lock/release lever, she works like a charm!
  • These Eileen Fisher shoes ~ I researched and selected these shoes specifically for lots of walking before our trip to Paris/London this summer. Along with my Stan Smiths, these sandals trekked many, many miles and served me well. They are definitely worn in after just this one season --especially because I continue to wear them almost daily. I found that they ran at least 1/2 size small. (Though, I do have very high arches and they may have accounted for the discrepancy.) 
  • Polish-free toes ~ Looking at my feet closely (don't really), you'll see that my toes are not polished. Following the lead from another friend who tried it, I decided to give my toenails a break from the constant smothering of polish. I honestly could not remember a time when I didn't have polish on them. Getting a pedicure is lovely, indeed; however, there were times when I felt like squeezing one in was more of a chore than a treat. In between pedicures (especially when I really "needed" one) has often lead to having to plan an entire outfit around close-toed shoes. (First World Problems, I know.) Being polish-free is somewhat liberating.
  • Inizio's ~ Inizio Pizza Napoletana opened its Dilworth location in April of this year. I've been following their Instagram account since before then. And only this week did I have my very first taste. Let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. My friend, Jenn, ordered it for a get-together and I happily sampled Margherita (San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil, Garlic, Pecorino) and Pistachio (Rosemary, Sea Salt, Ricotta, Buffalo Mozzarella, Garlic, Pistachio Pesto Sauce). Wow. I look forward to trying all of the creations. If you live in Charlotte, get there. If you don't, follow them on Instagram and try not to drool on your phone. --Better yet, come visit and we'll go there! 
  • This time --right now ~ The transition between childhood and young-adulthood is here. In a beautiful juxtaposition of these phases of life, Geneva recently inherited one of my dresses. While it is very rare (and always has been), both girls decided to play in my makeup and then "dress up" in my closet a couple weeks ago. When they felt they were suitably made up, they tromped downstairs in my heels. Alarmingly, their makeup application was VERY good. More alarmingly, Geneva was wearing a dress of mine that looked way better on her than it ever had on me. I gave it to her on the spot. *sigh*
  • Adventure Dining ~ Speaking of this transition time between "too little" and "big enough," the girls and I have been able to enjoy more things together. Geneva and I took a painting class together for her birthday and recently, we made plans with friends to visit the USNWC for a kayaking/dinner adventure. Three moms, four daughters, and a handful of other friendly folks caught perfect weather and enjoyed delicious food on the Catawba River. I posted about it here.     

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