Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Gallery Wall Refreshened


I enjoy changing things up, especially in the house. Sometimes it's super easy --as with throw pillows on the couches and cushions on the porch rockers. Depending on the season, things go from bright and cheerful to warm and cozy. Even art pieces, books, plants, and candles are fairly easy to manipulate --giving our spaces an economical freshening up. 

After going through pictures from our recent trip to Paris and London, I knew I wanted to incorporate some personal reminders of this family time together into our everyday living. There were so many great shots to choose from and I had a lot of ideas. Ultimately, I decided to make some edits to the Gallery Wall in our living room. (A little peek from when it first came together in 2015.) I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. 

The lower left corner and upper right corner now feature two of my favorite photos from our adventure: P daydreaming in front of a beautiful navy lacquered door and G writing in her travel journal on the windowsill of our apartment in Paris. So sweet. 

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