Monday, January 5, 2009

Two... Too Fast!

My baby, Avery Piper, turns 2 on Wednesday.
It sometimes feels like we just brought her home from the hospital to meet her sister.
She was not a small baby (8 lb. 13 oz.)... but my goodness, it does go quickly doesn't it???
In my memories, Geneva seemed like such a "big girl" when Avery was born.
She was 18 months--that's 6 months younger than Avery is today!
Soon her little belly-button "fell off" and it was time for her first real "soak" in the tub.
I don't remember the occasion... but here is the ONE picture of me "done up" in the months that followed Avery's birth.
She had big blue eyes and a generous smile.
She got to spend a little time with her Great Grandmother.
She even got to meet her Great-Great Grandmother (100 years old when this picture was taken).
One of the best days I remember from those hazy first few months was when Avery found her thumb!
She's had this blankie since day one. It's a bit more worn these days... but I'm sure you'll recognize it some of the recent posts (and in those to follow too!).
Toy + Thumb = Happiness
Tummy Time
Avery's first swim (in Florida visiting Uncle Toby, Auntie Terry, Cousin Tyler and Cousin Griffin--along with Papa Clyde, Grandma Debbie, Chrissy, Felicity, Jackie, Nathan and Marissa)!
Yummy... rice cereal for the first time.
Piper learns to sit.
And graduates to her first big-girl bath (with Sissy of course)!
Daddy and Piper
First taste of pumpkin pie with GGMa.
Chillin' with NeeNee
Learning to pull herself up.
Moving on to sippy-cups.
Standing up.
First birthday!
Learning to walk in Oregon.
Learning patty-cakes with Geneva's tutoring.
Solo slides.
First carwash.
First haircut.
First Play-Doh experience.
And first ponytail.
It's too fast.
It's too fast...


betsarms said...

Happy Birthday to both Miss Avery and Mrs. Tam :)~

Scott Morse said...

Happy birthday to the little lady. Man, I don't even really know her and you make me want to cry with the nostalgia. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Hope you're having a happy new year! Maybe we'll even see you...;)

Scott Morse said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to you, too, comin' up here...;)

the o's said...

i love these pics! it makes me so excited for all the 'firsts' we have to look forward to w/ our wesley! p.s. the pic of them standing naked by the bath is ADORABLE... those chunky legs!!! ;)