Sunday, November 2, 2008

MisAdventures of Halloween

Here's our little Blue. 
Avery got a brand new Halloween costume this year. As the second child of the same sex, I'm proud to say how rare it is that Avery gets anything new (she just doesn't NEED anything). My mom found this adorable, fuzzy Blue's Clues costume and it looked so sweet.
Unfortunately, Avery decided it was too itchy... so she wore another hand-me-down. I didn't want her to wear the Baker outfit as her actual Halloween costume because it was Geneva's costume last year so we put her in a soft and cozy giraffe costume we were given when Geneva was a baby... it never fit Geneva at the right time, so it's just been in the "dress-up" box all along... but it fit Avery perfectly, kept her warm, and she was adorable.

Greg returned from a business trip in Seattle mid-morning. We picked Geneva up from school a little early and headed over to Daddy's office to trick-o-treat from desk to desk. All the people who work in his office had candy in their desks for the girls. They had a ball.

Here comes Avery to show me her loot. Geneva is at the end of this aisle (revisiting the desks she's already been to--I'm sure).

We followed the visit to Daddy's office with a family lunch at Red Robin and a nap (for everyone). Greg got up and took Geneva to her dance class and Avery and I headed to the airport to retrieve Grandma Lulu.
Once it got dark enough, we met our neighbors at the end of our driveway and set up our candy station. The wives, in lawn chairs with our candy bowls and several bottles of wine, sat together and waited for the trick-o-treaters while the husbands took all the kids out in the neighborhood hauling a couple wagons (loaded with beer on the way out--and a couple of tired kids on the way back). 

We had fun, fun, fun!
We hope you had a terrific Halloween too!

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  1. HERE'S YOUR BLOG! I need to keep track...

    Look at all them cuties! I love all the adults with beverages in hand standing around in the street...just like OUR trick or treating adventures, but we had a bit more rain than in your photos. And a bit more martini action. ;)

    I had no idea about the "procedure" and man I'm glad things are looking good. Please spread some love around your house from us!

    Love ya,