Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Saturday... Some Random Catching-Up and My Big Idea

We've been keeping ourselves busy, busy these days. My three-year old is becoming such a big girl in ways that make me both delighted and frustrated (depending on the situation). She loves to dress herself. I'm the mom who tries not to care too much about this. Most of the time I do fine in celebrating with her how independent she is becoming; however, there is also a big downside. She is so fascinated by this new freedom that she wakes up every night and changes her pajamas at least once. For example, last night she went to bed wearing her "bow" pajamas. When Greg and I went up to bed we checked on the girls. Geneva was now wearing pink thermals with white polka-dots. Then this morning when she came in to let us know she was awake she was wearing a flower set! The contents of her pajama drawer are strewn about the entire room--it's crazy.

Grandma Lulu took the little monkey down to Willamette Park in Portland this morning for her walk on the riverfront. They really enjoy their time together.

Avery has decided she's too old to need a nap. In the past two weeks, the kid has actually napped only two times. The other 12 days she just stands in her crib and cries. She is so stubborn. Instead of getting frustrated and upset, like I used to do, I've had to reframe my reaction. Now I accept that she will be unhappy for this time (90 minutes) but I also know that she has to stay in her crib until the time is up because I need this time for myself. So, Avery can choose to spend her hour and a half crying or sleeping and I'm ok with her decision. I use this time having a quiet lunch, showering, and spending the remaining 45 minutes relaxing with a DVR'd show or getting crafty. I really think that her feeling upset for this block of time is a good tradeoff for having a happy Mommy the rest of the day.

Thankfully, when she does get up from her nap, she snaps out of her sadness immediately. Her evenings are manageable... she's a little tired and would prefer to just be held from 6pm to 8pm (haha--I wish I were kidding) but we have been getting through it and she's been sleeping great at night. Here she is trying on Daddy's new socks:

Instead of getting started on all the Holiday gifts (crafty-crafty) I want to make for my family this year, I've been reading blogs and making stuff for ME when I see something that is inspiring! Here's a picture of the notecards I just made for myself. 

I started another blog some time ago. It's a space I've been using to keep track of all the stationary designs I've made.

Because I've been reading other crafty blogs and leaving my comments all over the World Wide Web, I've connected to some other crafty moms. As a result, I've begun doing what I've been thinking about for ages and just hadn't figured out how to start yet... until now. 
(no, not bartending... bartering--trading, yep)
It all started with this cute little acorn necklace that Molly made. Long story - short, she made me a couple and I wanted to make her a thank-you gift. I sent her some cards...

... Next thing you know, I'm designing some business/calling cards for her and I get these fabulous gloves (love them) in return.

I really think I'm onto something here. I wold much rather trade creations than sell them. In this economy I think we should get creative with our Holidays... Don't you? I'm considering challenging myself to giving only homemade or bartered gifts this year. For example, I know my brothers are not into handmade stationary sets, but I know they love fudge and I think my younger brother might find some appreciation in a hand knitted scarf... who knows, I would be happy to make someone else's holiday cards this year if they wanted to make a scarf for me to give my brother...? I think this could work.

What about you? What do you create? Beautiful photographs, jewelry, jam, knit hats or scarves, cupcakes, websites, candles, soap, recipes? What skills or services could you barter? Do you babysit, decorate, bake, cook, entertain, clean, sew, garden, cut hair?
Wanna trade?

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  1. need any rubber stamps (Stampin Up)? i have oodles. if they have been used, they have been used maybe once. normally i try to handmake all my holiday cards, but i am not feeling so great about that this year. but i love your 'Jones' card.

  2. Wow, aren't you smart. Tammy that is such an incredible idea. The last two years I've really been trying to go the homemade route for the Holidays as well. This year? Hats for the little ones, no sew blankets, and candles holders. Hopefully it's all a great hit!