Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Very Exciting

I am beginning to understand that given the right variables, almost anything can feel very exciting. For example, this is a picture of my washer and dryer. When we bought the Elk Grove home it came with these. Because that house was a new home, we enjoyed the benefit that the washer and dryer were also brand new. However, because that house was one of the models for the development, we did not get to choose any of the features of the home. This was really not a big deal because as many of you know, I loved that house. 
Well as it turns out, our washer and dryer are pieces of (substitute your favorite euphemism for "shit" here if you're offended by my choice) shit. I have to say that I really didn't know that my Whirlpool Calypso washer was so bad until I talked to the repair man on Monday and he almost laughed--well, not really... but I'll get to that.

So last week the washer started stopping in the middle of the cycle and displaying the code "ld" on the screen. Of course I ignored it for a few more loads and "coaxed" the washer through our laundry piles. Finally, it stopped being flexible and it just gave up. Linda did some research and for two days we brainstormed and tried to fix the problem ourselves. Thursday the house started looking like it vomited dirty clothes all over itself. (Below is the pile from my bedroom alone.) Linda called several repair services. The soonest anyone could come out was Monday.

Monday morning, Lulu called the repair shop to confirm our appointment window. She spoke with Mr. Repairman himself and "apologetically" handed me the phone so he could repeat what he had just explained to her. Apparently, as I mentioned before, the make and model washing machine we owned was "a piece." Given the description of what was happening, Mr. Repairman explained that with the service call fee, replacement part, and labor we would be billed more than $300. In addition, he estimated that it would be "no more than six months" before we had to call him back for a different problem. "Had you spoken to me initially, I would have told you not to waste your time or money on repairs with this machine," He reported. Great (five days later).
So... after checking Consumer Reports and getting the same recommendation from Mr. Repairman... I called:

... and these lovely gentlemen delivered my new washer in less than 24 hours!
Isn't it pretty!

We now have a silly-looking mismatched pair in the laundry room... however, the Calypso dryer is working fine** and it can stay with us as long as that is the case. The piles of laundry are getting smaller--100% credit due to Grandma Lulu and I am happy and yes, excited about my new washer!
Happy Sudsing!
(Well actually, not too much sudsing with the "he" detergent--wink.)

**(that's me knocking on wood)

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  1. oh ma gosh, during the honeymoon, you will be waiting for laundry situations to arise, just so you can use your differet options.
    I love appliances. Especially the front loader machine.

  2. Would you ever have thought that things such as these would have made us this excited? I used to think my mom was nuts when she got excited about appliances. Congratulations on your new toy!