Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Best $2 I've Spent in Awhile...

Ya know the $1 bins at all my favorite stores (Michaels, Target, JoAnn's, etc.)? Well, I am the schmuck that has to rifle through every one of them and generally find $5-$10 worth of stuff I did not intend to purchase in my bags by the time I check-out. I'm hopeless. Sometimes, however, I find a gem.
I picked up these wooden snowflakes at one of these stores (see how bad I am... I don't even remember which store it was!) a short time ago. The natives were getting restless the other day so I busted out "Project Snowflake" for their entertainment.
$2 in wooden snowflakes + watercolor paints and markers = 1 HOUR of quiet play
(Let me remind you, an hour of quiet for a one-year-old and a three-year-old is unheard of!)

This was Avery's first "go" with watercolor painting... she loved it! Eventually, she switched to markers.
Geneva stuck with her paints the entire time, loving the combination she made by mixing several of her paints together.

Here she is intent on mixing the right shade of blue.

Avery adds markers to her masterpiece.

The finished products are prominently displayed on the sliding glass door.

Are they not the most beautiful snowflakes you've ever seen?

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  1. Tam-
    you fail to mention that Piper drank a bowl of paint water and pooped purple/green for two days. nice project.

    love you.

    the hubby