Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Did It!

First of all, "Happy Barack Obama Day!"
I was not able to even turn on the television yesterday until I put the girls to bed at 8pm. I know it's silly, but I felt like I might "jinx" the outcome... I just couldn't take it. Instead, I focused my thoughts toward the outcome I wanted and kept myself busy, busy with mundane things. I was so elated when I finally turned on the news (CNN). Of course, I immediately changed the channel to FOX--just to see what they were reporting (Yippy, the same thing!) I changed it right back to CNN so I could enjoy the coverage. I heard McCain's concession and Obama's acceptance speeches. I sent my girls an email to their special accounts to share with them what I was feeling: Hope. Anyhoo... we'll have a special celebration tonight. 

Back to the mundane that got me through the suspense.

Here's a couple pictures of my closet "before.
No, it hasn't been a crazy week--it always looks like this.

The other side is just as bad.

I literally emptied the entire closet (including the dresser) so I could start from "scratch."

And here's the result.
My "new beginning."

It looks like I have a lot more space than I thought I did. I think I should embrace my civic responsibility and stimulate the economy by filling some of this empty space!
I'll be taking a trunkful to the Buffalo Exchange in the hopes that I can get some free "shop" on. The rest is going to donation...
good riddance and cheers to a different future!
(Okay, so I'm stretching the metaphor a little thin.)

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  1. oh ma goodness. I am glad to see you have lots of shoes too.
    It looks fabulous!

  2. I am jealous of your closet space! I have like half of that and I have to share it with my husband!!! I love storage! Looks great!!! -Anna