Monday, April 20, 2009

Nature Hike

This weekend was so lovely. It was a plateful of Spring (so much more than the small "tastes" we've been getting). Of course, it's supposed to be very cold and wet by Thursday... but I digress... 
The weather was amazing this weekend.
Sunday brought 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies. We decided on a little walk in Mary S. Young Park here in West Linn.
Above is a picture of Daddy and his girls throwing dandelions into the tiny stream and watching them float through the rocks and down to the cove.
Avery Piper conquers a big rock at the beach. Behind her is the Willamette River.
The Jones girls are getting very big!
Uh-oh... shoe trouble. Daddy to the rescue!
At the beach.
Can you believe this is my "baby?"
We threw rocks and heard them "plop." We even found a few shells.
Uh-oh... More shoe trouble.
Momma and her girls.
Heading back home to gear up for our bbq!

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