Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What We've Been Up To... Wednesday

Hey, have you been missing us? Wow, long time no post, eh?
I guess we've been busy. We've had a lot of fun. 
  • Grandma Lulu breezed in for a little visit and is off again on another adventure.
  • We've been spending great time with our neighborhood friends: drinks, dinners, driveway shenanigans...
  • Spring Break had Geneva home from school for the week and we spent some great days having "Mommy Adventures" at the library, park and indoor playground (at Burger King--I know! But it's REALLY big, clean and fun for the little ones too! Ya' gotta get creative with all this rain...)
  • Our friends Lisa and Will with baby Emery and our other friends Andy, Erin and baby Wesley "The Wez" joined us for a Sunday dinner party. We had a great time! Good food (yes, I do say so myself) and terrific company--not much better than that!
  • We enjoyed an Ice Cream Social at Geneva's preschool:
Piper and Geneva on the "deck"

Piper contemplating the slide

Geneva's got hops!

I seriously loved this Diego doll. 
Geneva's school has a "discovery room." The theme of the room changes every 3 weeks or so. Right now, it's a doctor/veterinarian's office full of bandages, tiny white coats, crutches, anatomy posters, "patients," cots, etcetera. Apparently, Diego must have had a pretty big spill...
  • I had a bit of a scare when my optometrist found a "freckle" on my retina. During my follow up appointment with the retinal specialist I found out everything is A-OK. Nothing abnormal going on. I'll need to keep an "eye" on it (pun TOTALLY intended) from now on during annual checkups. Phew!
  • Having loved the Twilight series, I decided to read a different vampire (vampyre) series. P.C. Cast's The House of Night books. They were not nearly as engrossing, but easy to get through and entertaining too (for the most part). I'm finishing book 5 and in some ways am really glad there are no more out yet.
  • Speaking of books, I started a neighborhood book club. Our first book was Water for Elephants. We had our meeting last week at a new neighborhood restaurant and it was great! During a delicious dinner and a few bottles of wine, we even managed to discuss the book a little bit. 
  • Avery is getting super big. I can do this with her hair now:
  • Geneva's into dressing herself and doing her own hair these days. I would love to have some pictures to show you of some of the "looks" she comes up with but I don't want to take a photo for fear she may think I'm a big fan. Of course, I'm only kind of kidding.
  • Greg hurt his shoulder. He finally managed to get to the doctor's office this week. It's an Acromioclavicular ("AC") joint separation. It's not serious. If he can grit through the pain, he'll even be able to golf tomorrow for his birthday. In less than 25% of cases, does surgery become necessary. He's seeing a physical therapist and working out a modified weight-lifting program so I can still enjoy his physique despite the "hiccup" in his physical heath (wink).
  • As many of you know, not only do I dislike (immensely) anything that resembles house cleaning--I'm also not very good at it either. As a result, I've adopted a new method for polishing the wood floors:
So, I guess that's enough of an update. I promise not to make you wait so long between posts again--if I can help it.

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  1. whew. I almost put you into the same category as another friend of ours on FB!!!
    Ive been on bloggin hiatus too. I snapped out of it, but the readers are looong gone, hah, serves me right.

  2. Oh how I've missed you Jones family. So glad to see you back. Life just doesn't seem complete without stories of those two little girls of yours!

  3. love the wood floor polishing... very innovative and burns calories too! :) thanks again for having us over... we had a great time and your girls are super charming. andy told me you were wanting the name of the blog tool i use: is the one i use but i've also heard "get clicky" is good too. have fun with it!