Monday, April 13, 2009

A Very Close Call

This is our staircase. 
It's a straight shot with a hardwood floor landing.
Saturday afternoon Geneva tumbled head over feet from the third step from the top to the floor below. I was standing in the kitchen when it happened. I heard her get up from her nap and call a greeting to me. Then I heard the "thump" when she initially lost her footing. 
It just...
 It was the most awful sound. By the time I ran the 30 feet from counter to landing she was laying on her back at the bottom. The last "thump" was her head making contact with the floor. She stared at me for a silent (heart-stopping) moment before she reacted with a giant wail. My foolish reaction was to scoop her up and pull her into my lap. Thankfully she didn't have any broken bones that my abrupt movement could have made worse! In fact, after we both calmed down we were able to ascertain that aside from rug-burns all over her back, shoulders, arms and ankles, she was FINE.
Two days later and all she has to show for her crazy tumble is a lingering rug-burn on her right shoulder blade.
We are so lucky.

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