Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swim Lessons

Piper and Geneva started swim lessons yesterday.
They had so much fun!
Here they are all suited up and waiting for Coach Keith to start their lesson.

They learned to climb out of the water first:
"elbow, elbow, tummy, knee."
The water is nearly 4 feet deep here... it's was a little scary for me to watch them both be in the water without "floaties" on.

They took turns practicing skills. I was super impressed with Coach Keith managing both monkeys and yet also doing one-on-one with each. Geneva is standing on a platform and Piper is floating on a small raft.

Here they are on a raft ride: kicking feet, blowing bubbles, and submerging their faces in the water.

Piper practices her kicking on the sidelines while she waits her turn for dunking or back-floating. By the end of our 30 minutes they were jumping off the side into the water to be retrieved by Coach Keith.
The best part: Mommy didn't have to get wet!

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  1. those pvc pipe platform thingys are so great.

  2. ummm who is this "Coach" Keith and what are his credentials? I'm slightly jealous....