Monday, April 13, 2009

"Happy Birthday Easter Bunny"

We managed to convince the Easter Bunny to limit the basket candy to a Pez dispenser for each of the girls. After the huge egg hunt last weekend, the last thing we needed were more sweets in the house. Instead of sugar, their baskets bore bubble wands, new spring outfits (though the rain has returned), books, puzzles, panties, hats, and sunglasses.
I must admit: the Pez candies were the highlight...
.. for both girls.
Eventually, other Easter items made their way into the girls awareness, like sun bonnets...
... and a sporty new visor.
Auntie Jessica joined us for brunch at the club. I wore my grandmother's dress and felt happy thinking about her all morning. I really didn't mean for our entire family to match (that's actually kind of nauseating) but my friends were quick to point out this fact when I showed them this photo at our neighborhood coffee gathering this morning! 
Here are my girls and I getting ready for our treats: They got un-diluted juice and I got Mimosas.
Geneva was so pleased to enjoy her juice from a glass tea cup with saucer.
The dessert selection included 7 different cakes, custards, brownies, cannoli, fresh berries with real whipped cream, and handmade chocolates. I took them both to the display to show them their choices. They chose these giant egg-shaped, sugar-iced, dry, hard, "cookies." Avery picked yellow (though it hinted at green) and Geneva wanted the orange one. Gross. The dyes stained their lips and fingers, but oh well... they were thrilled.
We hope you had a "Happy Easter!" as well... Or as Avery wished everyone who crossed her path:
"Happy Birthday Easter Bunny!"

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