Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

  • The warmer weather we've been enjoying this last week.
  • $3 rubber sandals. Seriously... I think I used to live in these year-round. Then we moved to rainy Oregon and I gave them up for the winter... They landed back on my feel this last week and I was blissful over their comfort and simple "style" (not) with jeans and a t-shirt. Yeah, that's how I roll. (Really? I just typed that?)
  • The amazing picture Geneva just happened to draw in school last week--just in time to be framed for Daddy's birthday. It's called "Me and Daddy."
  • The new book I'm reading for our neighborhood book club: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. LOVE it (so far).
  • The way the girls have been playing together peacefully in proportion to the time spent fighting. I think we're nearing the cusp where the peacefulness might outweigh the torment? Maybe...
  • These simple correspondence cards I made for G for his birthday:
  • Digital Video Recording (?) machines. There's nothing like watching the American Idol 60 minute, weekly "Results" show in 7 minutes! Priceless. It's great to fast-forward through "the other three judges" and many of the performances as well, during the "Performance" shows too!
  • Our "extended" neighborhood of Fields Park I just across the street and the annual Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Weller-Joneses. Such fun and kiddos coming out of your ears! Wow. Fields Park is prolific! 
  • The first sip off a fresh-cracked can of cold Diet Coke--or Coors Light! Mr. Jones is a real prince to give up his first sip of beer nearly every time I'm standing nearby. I don't even want my own... just the first sip of his.
  • Sharing:
  • Natasha Bedingfield. More specifically, the fact that she recorded a song with a "vocabulary word" in it: transitory (ha! I love it!). Check out Soulmate.
  • Papa Mike (Greg's dad) doing one of his childhood puzzles with Avery:

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  1. tammy i love your thursday posts and a great list today! i LOVE the cards... simple is perfect. you are so talented!