Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Sometimes the most simple of gatherings bring about the best memories (sunshine, room to play, good food and nice wine, friends, bugs, and horses too). Flipping through the photos of our 3-week trip to Oregon over the summer, I came across so many moments and get-togethers that graced our time there with family and friends. It's nice to be in a place, emotionally, where I can look through these pictures (that so clearly represent many of the relationships and connections we made in Oregon) and not feel super sad. While we picked up and relocated across the country only 8 months ago, we are all making new connections, new friends, and finding our way. Honestly, it gets easier every day. There's really nothing "sad" about Charlotte (and that helps). This not being our first big relocation as a family, we came in knowing that what makes embracing this kind of change so special is not limited to the opportunity to meet new people, the prospect of discovering new places to explore, or even the deliciousness of new flavors and food we get to enjoy on this coast. Mostly, for me, it has been the opportunity to focus on and appreciate the beautiful life I have built with my family and the unique way we function together as a team that is most amazing. What a gift--to be given this chance to hold onto one another as we learn to grow and bloom in our new soil. So, in the spirit of new adventures: Cheers to staying connected to the friends you have, to extending yourself and making new friends, and to giving yourself and your loved ones some room to grow!

I look forward to sharing some of the other spectacular moments we enjoyed on our trip with y'all (wink) soon.

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