Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 10.31.13

  • Our family hike in Crowders Mountain State Park last Sunday 
  • Angela Duckworth's TedTalk, The Key to Success? Grit - "Let's be gritty about getting our kids grittier!"
  • Little people who happily choose to eat their green beans before they eat their chicken nuggets
  • The Ohio State University marching band
  • This silly little scarf-wearing fashionista ~ Be careful when you bust out the box of winter accessories! 
  • Blackfish ~ This documentary about killer whales in captivity is worth your time and attention. I will never take my kids to another marine-themed park. 
  • The Good Wife's "Hitting the Fan" episode ~ Dude. $hit just got real. 
  • Stitch Fix ~ So. Much. Fun. This is like Birchbox on steroids. It's clothes--not cosmetics and they make it so easy. I have to say, after just 2 "fixes," I'm totally impressed. If you decide to try it, spend some thoughtful time on your profile because this is how they generate your "fix."  
  • When my husband makes a trip to Frugal MacDoogal ~ Living in an ABC state, trips to neighboring states for alcohol purchases are necessary. 
  • Charlotte's Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant
  • Jon Stewart and all the writers at the Daily Show
  • My masterfully crafted (yes, I do say so myself) playlist for a 30-35 minute run/workout ~ What would you add? 

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