Monday, October 21, 2013

Snack Fun: Apple Tasting Activity

G had a friend over to play after school last week and before I "released them into the wild" we had some simple fun with a healthy snack.

We had just come from the grocery store where I asked the girls to grab 6 apples as I gathered other produce items.
"What kind?" G asked.
"I usually get Gala, Fuji, or Honey Crisp," I replied.
They returned to the cart a minute later, "Can we get a Golden Delicious too?"
"Sure." As she reached to add it to the bag of apples she had already gathered, I explained that it needed to go in a separate bag because the apples would be weighed at the register and they all cost different amounts.
"Oh. Well... there are two Galas, two Fujis, and two Honey Crisps in that bag already." :)

So we reorganized the apples into their own bags and decided to have a little taste-test when we got back to the house. They devised a scoring rubric and were very thoughtful about rating each variety in categories like: Flavor (sweet or sour or both), Texture (soft or crisp), Color (pretty, not as pretty LOL). I would definitely let your little come up with their own score cards as that's part of the creative freedom they enjoy.

Each of the three had a different favorite and they all ran outside to play in the fall sunshine with full bellies. So simple; so fun!

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