Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Thanks in part to Ylvis, foxes have become increasingly popular of late which is great news for me because I love foxes. To honor the fox, I've put together this treasury list of favorite foxy things. Enjoy.

Our fabulous "Muffie and James" ice bucket (a lovely gift from lovely friends)
You can get your own personalized at Iomoi.
Silk Jinja pillow - Anthropologie
It's hard to tell in this picture, but this pillow is HUGE and vibrant and I've been eyeing it for quite some time now...
My new Golden Fox stationery set on Etsy
Aren't they sweet?
The Fantastic Foxes line from (one of my all-time favorite stores) Paper Source
The filing folders are especially charming.
This great hat (anther gift from the SAME lovely friends)
I'm not sure if you can find them outside of Portland... but if you know a Portlander, you might have a shot at getting your hands on one. If foxes are not your thing, they also feature Beaver, Cock, and Cougar, to name a few.
Foxy mug warmer by KnotworkShop on Etsy
Really? How could you NOT start your morning with a smile?

These sweet fox earrings I recently found at one of my favorite Charlotte spots: The Frock Shop

Dandy Fox by Katie Crawford
I think he's so elegant.
Franklin The Fox doorstop from West Elm
I wonder what Richard Parker would think of Franklin.
The Fox Walkers iPhone case by Beyond Case on Etsy
Isn't he great? He's off to work. Love this.
The OCTOBER page of my Paper Source Wall Art Calendar
(A special shout-out to my SIL, Jessica, who I can count on to update me for the new year every Christmas!) I look forward to these foxes cheering up my month!
Any favorite foxy items missing from my list? Let me know what I need to check out!

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