Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 10.10.13

  • The season of Pumpkin bread (and hot coffee)  Just typing that warms me up.
  • Dining at Soul Gastrolounge on a date with my husband over the weekend 
  • The Way Way Back (movie)
  • Enjoying Lake Norman over the weekend for a fun family afternoon with new friends :)
  • This art installation the girls created on the back porch ~ It was very cool until the landscape crew showed up. :( 
  • Volunteering at the girls' school to be a "learning buddy" to another student (first grader) who needs a little extra help each week ~ This program is designed to help the kids, but I have to wonder if the adults involved are getting just as much back from participating. 
  • Tackling the storage closet and transforming it into a "cottage" for the girls and their dolls 

  • That moment in your yoga or barre class when the instructor comes over and quietly and gently pushes you into a deeper stretch
  • "Granny" and "Frida Kahlo" from this list of hysterical kid costumes 
  • Our very own subscription to Garden & Gun (A most thoughtful gift from the first Charlotte native we met in North Carolina!) 
  • Making over the porch for FALL... (pics coming soon)
  • Surprising my hubby with an office makeover while he was out of town (Those violins are original art pieces that the girls gave G for Christmas.)

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