Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 10.03.13 (video heavy edition)

  • It's October. FALL. Yo; dig it.
  • All the anniversary love (11 years, Yo!) we felt as a result of my little facebook post last week. This amazing phenomenon really highlighted the incredible journey we've had. We have had the fortunate experience to get to know SO MANY great peeps, enjoyed fantastic adventures, and have experienced countless laughs and timeless memories with y'all (← a not-so-subtle nod to our new digs). Thank you for all of your love and support. xxoo 

  • Goodreads. This is a great website to catalogue the books you've read, the ones you'd like tot get to, and what your friends have been reading. Join, then "friend" me!
  • This incredible commencement speech by Tim Minchin 

  • The FALL in North Carolina (so far, anyhoo)
  • Having Papa Mike here for the weekend. Good times. 

  • The iPhone app: Heads Up ~ We've had such fun playing this with the girls and with each other.
  • Teaching Piper to play Cat's Cradle 

  • Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into the Darkness (2013) ~ Honestly, I'm so behind the times, I just got to this over the last weekend. So good. 
  • This Yoplait GoGurt commercial. Hysterical. 
  • Volunteering in P's reading class this morning ~ And on that note, let's all raise our glasses to those patient women and men who lovingly and patiently care for and educate our littles day-in and day-out. Wow. I am in AWE. #notcutoutforotherpeopleschildreninlongstretches 
  • The Stonehenge music video (and lyrics) by Ylvis ~ So much better than "The Fox Song," IMO.

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