Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 10.24.13

  • The chilly evening we enjoyed outside last night in the Wing Haven Garden listening to Amy Stewart talk about botany and booze (and her new book) while we we sipped some of her tastiest fall creations (I think we need some "selfie" practice! lol We were not even inebriated! At least the Autumn Leaves cocktail photographed nicely.)
  • Falling temperatures ~ coats, boots, scarves, and changing out the comforter
  • The bubblegum pink blossoms on the camellia that grow outside my window as I type this post
  • The delicious glass(es) of Hook & Ladder's The Tillerman Red Blend that I recently enjoyed ~YUMMY 
  • The most recent episode of Homeland "Game On" --WHAT? 
  • Listening to the girls' teachers express how much they enjoy having our little people in their classrooms during our parent-teacher conferences
  • Unexpected reminders of "home" out here on the east coast ~ Really, Target? So random and awesome  (but not nearly cute enough to actually purchase). {sigh} 
  • Making popovers for my family ~ I remember making these with my mom many times, many moons ago. It was nice to revisit those happy memories (and then to enjoy the indulgence afterward). P said they tasted like "crispy, pillowy, soft air."
  • Russell Brand
  • Eiffel Tower Branch Silliness 
  • Too many things in the J. Crew November Style Guide ~ like this, this, this, and this ~ Unfortunately, even at 25% off (code: SHOPNOW) most of these will continue to be loved from afar. 
  • These Whiskey Garden centerpieces, inspired by Amy Stewart's The Drunken Botanist ~ It's a beautiful galvanized bucket filled with fresh, plantable herbs that are great for infusing in alcohol or muddling in cocktails. Attached, are drink recipes and garden ideas for planting a "Cocktail Garden." To top it off, there are a couple little decorative (and drinkable) mini bottles of whiskey. This would be a TERRIFIC housewarming gift! And of course, now I want to plant a Cocktail Garden. 

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