Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Home Transformation | Entryway

My husband is such a good sport! When I suggested a fun and dramatic GREEN ombre staircase for the front entryway/foyer he hesitated for only a moment before jumping onboard and declaring that he trusted my instincts and thought it would look great. {swoon} I am so pleased with the way it turned out! The addition of the picture-frame moulding below the chair-rail in white and the lighter gray on the walls above, provides a clean, neutral backdrop to the vibrant greens. 

To get the staircase "just right," we had a lot of help from Charlotte's (very patient and knowledgeable) paint guru, Frank. From the front door (and looking at a wider scope of this view) you can see a bit of the girls' study off to the right behind the living room. That room is also green. I knew I wanted to  ground the ombre staircase within that family of greens. It took three separate "stabs" at tinting 5 different quarts of paint to varying degrees until I was satisfied with the final result. (Ultimately, I used 4 different colors on the staircase.) I think my Green Cat print (visible at the end of the front hallway) is the icing on the cake! MEOW!


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