Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 5.16.13

  • Everything I've heard so far from Modern Vampires of the City, Vampire Weekend's new album. Particularly Diane Young and Step. Addicted. Thankfully, so is my hubby. If you're so inclined, you can listen to  some of it HERE without having to endure an advertisement first. And for even more Vampire fun, be sure to check out this post from 2009!
  • Downton Abbey. We just finished Season 1 and are just a couple episodes into Season 2. It's delightful. I especially love the style of the period. My goodness! Here's just a taste. 
  • Meeting Greg's co-workers and their families at the Fiesta we hosted on Saturday. We intended to have a Cinco de Mayo party the week before. However, May 5th was a soggy day in Charlotte. We postponed for the following weekend and the forecast for our new date looked suspect all week. I still don't know how we managed to stay dry. The downpour started literally 20 minutes after our last guests left. It was really fun to visit with everyone in the sunshine over margaritas. 
  • LEON, the new cookbook I received for Mother's Day (Thanks to a lovely suggestion from Mrs. Wells!) The layout, food styling, and conversational "Tips" section for each recipe make the book completely "readable." I love that! Randomly opening to the Stuffed Picnic Cob Loaf recipe brought me right back to memories of my bachelorette weekend in St. Helena. I can still taste the incredible "sandwiches" that Mrs. Armstrong prepared for one of our afternoons, poolside. Very similar! 
  • Dating my husband. We have finally had success in finding a great babysitter and the girls LOVE her. Greg and I had a tasty and enjoyable dinner out with another couple at Basil in Uptown (that's what they call "Downtown" in Charlotte). Yippy!
  • Carolina Blue Skies - At long last, we have had some really amazing weather over the past few days and it's begun to actually feel like spring. The humidity has not kicked in yet and with temperatures in the 80s, it has been fantastic to be outside. Of course, the forecast for this weekend is scattered thunder storms and showers, but I'm determined to relish in the "tolerable" sunshine while I can.
  • Brown Sugar Body Polish by Fresh - This little jar of goodness was a gift I received some time ago from my brother and his girlfriend. Now I'm addicted. It's particularly nice for elbows, knees and ankles. A little goes a long way and you'd be amazing at how silky-soft your skin feels afterward. 

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