Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 5.9.13

  • Jimmy Fallon (and John Krasinski) 
  • Re-reading The Great Gatsby in anticipation of the movie coming out 5.10.13!
  • Having a few special things grace my home that once belonged to my grandparents. 
  • The classic Presto PopLight popcorn popper that Jessica gave us for a house-warming gift. It makes the BEST popcorn! Of course, the melted butter and truffle salt make it particularly tasty.
  • The "Poet-Tree" book that P made at school. Here's just one of the treasures that she wrote (I did not correct any of her sweet Kindergarten spelling--not even her name! *giggling*)
Loving, frendly, pritty, nice.
Sibling of Geneva.
Lover of books.
Fear of wosps.
Needs to see Disnee Wurld.
Gives love.
Who wold like to see Mexaco.
Resident of Charlotte.
  • "Sistering"
  • The cozy rug (It's shag, people.) that we finally rolled out in our master bedroom. I forgot how much more delightful it is to step out of bed in the morning and onto a soft surface rather than a cold hardwood floor. Don't get me wrong--I LOVE my hardwood floors; however, my toes really prefer the shag at 6:30am.
  • "It's a 10" leave-in treatment + keratin. I've been using this on my hair since my KeraStraight processing and I love it. Admittedly, it's hard to know if the results I've been enjoying should be credited to the product or the process--but anyhoo, I love this stuff! 

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