Friday, May 17, 2013

Entertaining | Fiesta Fun

I'll forever be a West Coast Girl at heart. With that comes an inherent love for Mexican food, margaritas, and casual backyard gatherings. Last weekend, I had the best excuse to indulge in all three!
Amazingly enough, the weather actually cooperated and we had a great time hosting Mr. Jones' management team + their families in our backyard for an afternoon Fiesta.
Fake mustaches, sidewalk chalk, lawn games, and the pinata kept the kids entertained between cupcakes.
To help guarantee our guests left with the impression that they had a fabulous time {wink}, I made sure to provide plenty of Mexican beer, "shake your own" margaritas, and sangria. 
I owe a big thanks to both G + P for helping me prepare for the party in the days preceding. I think the three of us had fun making everything "just right." When they were younger, I liked using my grandmother's famous line, "Having the kids 'help' with things always cuts my time to double!" However, I can't really use that one anymore. They are both so capable. I could not have gotten it all done without them. 

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