Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Home Transformation | Southern Porch

While the "big Southern porch" I've always imagined had a large, lazy swing adorning it, I am delighted by the way our "actual" Southern porch has turned out. It took a couple cans of spray paint and some bargain shopping to pull it together.

I knew I wanted some big urns with a topiary-like plant to flank the front steps. I shopped around and fell in love with these blue ones from Frontgate. Unfortunately, at $339 each, it wasn't going to happen. So I kept looking and just couldn't find what I wanted. In the meantime, we painted the interior of the house and I had moved on from blue in search of a bright springlike green to accent the front of the house. Finally, I found the shape and size planter I wanted at an incredible price ($19/each!) at Lowe's. The planters are made of concrete (so as not to blow over in a storm) and with a couple cans of spray paint, I had exactly what I wanted. My ingenious husband was able to move them with the help of one of the girls' scooters. The girls and I found beautiful (and affordable) gardenia "trees" (Lowe's, again!) that mimicked the topiary vibe I was going after.

The rocking chairs (and folding tables) were another bargain from Lowe's at about half the price of others we had shopped. They are sturdy and large. I found the cushions and lanterns (for citronella candles) at one of my favorite stores. And the icing on the cake: my Southern door monogram. After a few coats of the same spray paint we used on the planters and some thick white ribbon, it was ready to cap-off my front porch makeover.

I think all I need now, is to learn how to make Sweet Tea.

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  1. Love it!! Good job. I have a great Sweet Tea recipe if ya'll need it.

  2. Love it, Tam! You're so crafty.