Sunday, May 12, 2013

My perfect day...

  • Sleeping in
  • Jones "snoogling"
  • Coffee + homemade presents & cards
  • Mommy/Daughter presents from Husband/Daddy (+ silliness)
  • Pajamas until 11am
  • Family bike ride to lunch + shopping (Earrings, dresses, necklaces--Oh my!)
  • Mommy-only walk around the "Booty Loop" with my girlfriend, Beth (While my family shopped at Reid's for the filet dinner I requested--woot woot!)
  • Chardonnay + Gatsby on the patio, listening to my family playing in the backyard
A very special thank you to my husband for giving me such an amazing day. Without my own mother in my life, this day can be really challenging. Obviously, I think about her today and hope that she is finding happiness and peace in her life. Cheers to all the mothers who have raised me! For more on that: Check this out.
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